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Small Business Tax Preparation

Are you a small business owner who finds themselves overwhelmed every single tax season? Are you looking for ways to alleviate the workload—and the stress? If so, you’re in luck. Over the years, Premium Bookkeeping & Accounting has established itself as the most sought-after small business tax preparation professional in the region.

As your tireless advocates, we file your taxes by the book and to the letter. If there’s a way to minimize your tax burden, we find it. If you’re eligible for tax credits and deductions, we make sure to access them.

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Keep the Stress Out of Tax Season

No matter how solid an understanding you have of your company’s income tax obligations one year, the next year is always different. Tax codes aren’t set in stone, and it can be hard for even the most diligent business owners to keep up with the many considerations at play. Thankfully, our professional small business tax preparers are just a quick phone call away.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless businesses prepare and file their annual taxes. We offer bookkeeping services and other accounting services all year round, ensuring you never lose sight of your company’s bottom line.

Comprehensive Tax Filing Services

We don’t make assumptions when it comes to filing your taxes. We take every dollar, cent, and expense into account, ensuring we report your earnings with the utmost accuracy. Here are some of the items we may request of you during the tax preparation process:

  • Bank statements
  • Deposit slips
  • Year-end balance statements
  • Loan agreements
  • Receipts for capital purchases
  • Payroll information
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Financial statements
  • …and more

To say we’re thorough is an understatement—we leave no stone unturned when preparing your returns. Look to our small business tax accountants for all your tax-related needs. We’ll make sure you get the service you deserve.

Access Business Deductions and More

Many businesses and individuals pay more than their fair share of taxes, but this imbalance isn’t due to an oversight on the government’s part. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t always know what qualifies as a business deduction. As a result, they miss out on great opportunities to claim deductibles and maximize their returns. Here at Premium Bookkeeping & Accounting, we can help you tap into all the deductions available to you.

Some of what we consider when searching for possible tax deductibles include:

  • Advertising expenses
  • Business license fees
  • Business memberships
  • Charitable donations
  • Legal fees
  • Possible motor vehicle expenses
  • Office expenses (supplies, stationary, etc.)
  • …and more

Speak with Our Trusted Tax Accountants Today

Tax preparation for small businesses isn’t a luxury expense—it’s a necessity. The business owners we work with regularly have seen the numerous benefits of partnering with us on their tax preparation. We’re confident you’ll also see these benefits in little time at all!

Would you like to learn more about our tax preparation services for small business owners? Call (705) 647-4830 to schedule your consultation.

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